Friday, January 1, 2010

Stockpile Status, 1/1 - Laundry Room

As I was putting shopping away today, I admired my growing stockpile in my laundry room, linen closet, and pantry. I thought I'd put my smart shopping stockpile's inventory here, mostly because it pleases me to see my inventory in writing and to think about the savings our family is enjoying.

My Tiny Laundry Stockpile
3 Tide travel sizes
Price: $.97 each (or $.99 each?)
Used 3 $1 off coupons from the 12/27 P&G
Cost: FREE!*
*This is the purchase I mentioned in another post where I handed over 3 coupons, but only 2 ended up getting credited, so I did pay $1.00. All 3 should have and could have been free.
2 Snuggle Dryer Sheets, 40 ct.
Price: $1.97
Used 2 $2.00 coupons (I don't remember where these coupons came from)
Cost: FREE!
1 All Small and Mighty travel size (2 loads)
Price: $1.17
Used a $1.00 printable coupon here
Cost: $.17
Total oop for my tiny-but-growing stockpile: $1.17 (could have been $.17)!

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