Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Savings: 1/1 - Walmart

I should be ashamed to think that we saved at Walmart today, because we really did a good deal of SPENDING. I only saved $4.00 or so using coupons. My real savings came by buying. I found this massage chair (shown here with my cutsie-patootsie son) for my Handsome Husband on Christmas clearance for just under $20, down from $59 (at another store it was originally priced at $69). We also bought air filters - oh, I hate buying those every month! When we got home, Handsome Husband began to change the filters out, only to find that the existing filters were almost perfectly clean! Hurray for mild weather and not having to run the heat too much! So, into the closet those new filters went to wait until next month. Oh, how happy I will be when we don't have to buy those dreaded things next month!
I did buy 4 boxes of pasta with a coupon. Each box came with a $4 money-back offer when I buy UP! on DVD. I think each of nephews and my niece are getting UP! for Christmas next year! ($12 in the mail for me!) I also found Idahoan potatoes that I had coupons for. I had a $.40 on one that came from a newspaper insert (don't remember which one) and a $.75/3 printable. I bought a $.92 flavored potato pouch and 3 $.42 regular pouches. My potatoes cost $2.18; after coupons, the cost was $1.03 for all 4. We don't care for instant mashed potatoes, but they'll make great potato croquettes that I learned how to make after Thanksgiving. My mouth is watering already.

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