Friday, January 1, 2010

Email Campaign #1

Another blogger I follow has a 5-a-day campaign in which she emails 5 companies daily, either giving a compliment or sharing a concern. Others have stated that they get lots of free stuff or coupons from companies this way. I'm not up to 5-a-day, but I have decided to email stores or companies when I feel the need.

#1 - I emailed Cole's to compliment the Texas Toast. I received a coupon for a free item and two coupons for $.30 off an item.

#2 - I emailed Krispy Kreme because we bought a dozen doughnuts and the glaze was different. I don't think I could call my message a complaint, but it wasn't a compliment, either. I was really just asking if Krispy Kreme changed their glaze recipe. I received an email back from them. Their message did not answer the question about the glaze, but it did state that they were sending me a coupon for a free dozen doughnuts in the mail. So, I'll have another opportunity to test that glaze.

#3 - I emailed Target with a concern about their coupon policy. I disagree with a point in the policy and wanted to share my concern. I heard back from them, but without resolving my concern. I really didn't expect them to change anything about the corporate policy because of one consumer's dispute, but I had to let them know. I get lots of survey invitations on Target receipts, so I share that same issue during each of my surveys.

#4 - I gave positive feedback to Five Guys (of Five Guys Burger and Fries), a fast food restaurant my family and I recently tried for the first time. We LOVED it and wanted the folks at Five Guys to know that we think they have a winning product.

I'm looking forward to contacting companies more often now that I know that it can be productive.

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