Sunday, February 27, 2011

Publix Savings February 2011

Ah, the end of another month!  I plan to get over to Publix during the current sale, but it will probably be Tuesday, 3/1.  Which means that I have completed my Publix shopping for February 2011!

February 2011 Publix spending: $138.48
February 2011 Publix saving: $431.44
February 2011 percent saved: 75.7%

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Super-quick Publix Stop

I got my coupons from today, so I decided to take a quick visit to Publix beforemyhe current sale ended. I spent $1.95 and saved $19.11!
Here's how I did:

2 Bertolli pasta sauce -- BOGO -- 2 for $2.79
Used $1.50/2 coupon from the 2/19 insert
Used $1/2 target printable
Paid: $.29 for both!

2 Betty Crocker brownie mix -- $1.99 each
Used 2 $.50 from the 2/13 GM
Used 2 $1/1 from the Great Deals on Great Meals (or whatever that Publix coupon flier is called)
Paid: $.98 for both!

1 Sundown Naturals folic acid -- $3.79
Used $1/1 peelie
Used $3/1 Green Advantage flier coupon
Paid: FREE! plus $.21 overage

3 Ramen (needed the fillers) -- $.50 for all 3

2 Wishbone salad dressing -- BOGO -- 2 for $2.89
Used $1.50/2 Target coupon
Used $1/2 from the 1/30 RP
Paid: $.39 for both!

Total paid: $1.95
Total saved: $19.11
Percent saved: 90.7%

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tonight's Frugal Dinner

I'd be hard-pressed to come up with a line-item analysis of the cost for tonight's dinner.  The Italian Days sale at Publix has such a complicated combination of coupons that it is physically impossible (for me, anyway) to figure just how much I spent on certain of these items. 

I used a Rachael Ray recipe on  I searched "not-sagna" to find the recipe.  I did made a few changes -- I used onion powder and garlic powder since I don't currently have fresh onions or garlic.  I didn't use red wine; I used extra beef stock instead.  I didn't use red pepper flakes; I used a touch of ground red pepper. 

When all was said and done, I am guessing I spent around $6 for this dinner.  I served it with some of the free bread, thanks to the Italian Days sale, from the Publix bakery.  I had planned to serve some broccoli or something, but it was such a HUGE bowl of pasta, I couldn't manage it. 

I have only just realized that I love ricotta cheese.  I could have eaten the pasta with the ricotta, pasta water, and parmesan cheese, without the meat sauce.  I'm glad I have another big container of ricotta! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Publix, 2/19 -- 80% Savings!

2 Publix bakery hoagie rolls, 4-ct -- $2.19 each ($4.38)
8 Hunts tomato sauce, 8 oz -- 6 for $2 ($2.67)
8 Progresso black beans -- 3 for $2 ($5.33)
6 Hunts tomato puree, 29 oz -- BOGO -- 2 for $1.89 ($5.67)
Used $5/20 Publix coupon
Used 2 $1.50 off bakery bread wyb 6 Hunts tomato sauces Publix coupons
Used 2 $1/4 Progresso Publix coupons
Used 2 $1/3 Hunts 29 oz
Paid: $6.05 for all 24 items!

1 La Creme yogurt, 4pk -- $2.29
Used $1 Publix coupon
Paid: $1.29

1 Marie Callenders potatoes and ham casserole -- $3.99
2 Marie Callenders southwest chicken casserole -- $3 each
Used $2/1 coupon from January All You
Used 2 $1 coupons from 2/13 GM
Used 3 $1.50 Publix coupons
Paid: $1.49 for all 3!

1 Orajel severe pain relief -- $6.99
Used $1 peelie
Paid: $5.99

1 Publix antibiotic cream -- $3.99

4 Betty Crocker mixes -- $1.99 each
Used 4 $.50/1 from 2/13 GM
Used 4 $1 Publix coupons
Paid: $1.96 for all 4

2 Sundown Naturals folic acid -- $3.79 each
Used 2 $3 Green Advantage flier coupons
Used 2 $1 peelies
Paid: FREE for both, plus $.42 overage!

Used $5/$50 Apple Market coupon
Total spent: $15.36
Total saved: $62.37
Percent saved: 80.2%

Good to Know: Publix at Mobile Hwy

Publix, 2/19 -- 86% savings!

Amazing trip today! I am super excited to share what I got.  I want to give two quick notes before I detail my purchases:
1. I didn't use any printable coupons because my printer is psycho.  I decided this morning that I hate it and want a new one.  It figures that it would have a breakdown just AFTER we replaced both ink cartriges.  Laser jet, here we come.
2. I forgot to somehow strategically place the 3 loaves of bakery bread into the picture.
3. I used,, and to compile my list.  And yes, I realize that this is my 3'rd note before detailing my purchases.

First Transaction:

20 Hunt's tomato sauce, 8 oz. -- 6 for $2
6 Hunt's tomato puree, 29 oz. -- BOGO -- 2 for $1.89
4 Progresso cannelini beans, 14-15 oz. -- 3 for $2
6 Totinos frozen pizza -- 4 for $5
4 Progresso broth, 32 oz. -- BOGO -- 2 for $2.59
2 half-loaves of Publix sliced bakery bread -- $1.35 each
1 Publix bakery baguette -- $1.49
Used 2 $5/20 Publix Italian Days coupons
Used 2 $1/3 Hunt's tomatoes Publix Italian Days coupons
Used 2 $1/4 Progresso Publix Italian Days coupons
Used 2 $.50/3 Totinos coupons from the 2/13 GM
Used 3 $1.50 off bakery bread wyb 6 Hunts products Publix Italian Days coupons
Paid: $12.38 for all 43 items!

1 Sorrento ricotta, 16 oz. -- $3
Used $1 from 2/6 SS
Paid: $2

1 Jennie-O lean ground turkey -- $2.99

2 Sorrento mozzarella -- 2 for $5
Used $1 coupon from 2/6 SS
Used $1 blinkie found right in front of the items
Paid: $3 for both

1 Pedigree Dentasticks -- $3
Used $2 coupon from 2/13 RP (I think that's where it came from)
Paid: $1

2 Advil migraine -- $4.49
Used 2 $1 coupons from the 1/30 RP
Used $5/2 Publix coupon from the Green Advantage flier that starts today
Paid: $1.98 for both!

Used $5/30 Publix coupon found in the 2/16 PNJ

Paid: $18.58
Saved: $69.21
Percent saved: 78.8%

Second Transaction:

2 Wanchai Ferry frozen meal kits -- BOGO -- 2 for $7.99
Used 2 $1 coupons from 2/13 GM
Paid: $5.99 for both

1 Marie Callender's frozen casserole -- $3.99
Used $1.50 Publix Italian Days coupon
Paid: $2.49

1 pkg. Publix sliced pepperoni -- $3.29

6 Sundown Naturals vitamin D -- $4.99
Used 6 $3 coupons from the current Green Advantage flier
Used 6 $1 peelies found right on the product
Paid: $5.94 for all 6

Used $5/30 Publix coupon

Paid: $12.71
Saved: $41.99
Percent saved: 76.8%

BUT THEN . . . .!

The Sundown vitamins were marked $3.34 at the aisle.  After going back to aisle 8 to make sure, I stopped at Customer Service to get it fixed.  A member there double checked the aisle and confirmed that the product should have been $3.34 each instead of $4.99.  SOOO, the wonderful Customer Service person refunded one item completely and gave me back the $1.65 difference on the other 5.  I received a cash refund of $13.24.  This essentially makes our entire second transaction a money-maker!
So when all was said and done today . . .

Total paid: $18.05
Total saved: $111.20
Percent saved: 86%

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last Night's Frugal Dinner

I think I'm going to love this iphone picture directly sent to my blog business.  Last night's dinner was a super frugal chicken and rice casserole.  I put 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot (on high) yesterday shortly after lunch.  When we got up from our beloved traditional Saturday afternoon naps, the chicken was cooked through and the house smelled like the herb and garlic marinade I'd used.  I shredded 2 of the 3 chicken breasts (which made a huge amount of meat! I had no idea!) and added it to the casserole pan where I already had 2 cups of rice, 5 cups of water, and a packet of chicken noodle soup mix. That's it!  In hindsight, I wish I'd added just a touch more water. 
I baked it at 350 for 45 minutes or so.  The rice seemed to really not want to get un-crunchy.  That's why I wish I'd added a bit more water.  When all was said and done, it was okay, but it might have been quicker and even better if I'd added more water.
I thought about adding some Velveeta, since I still have several in my pantry from ages ago, but decided against it since my daughter wouldn't touch it and my son would probably balk at it in sympathy for his sister.

Here's the cost breakdown:

3 chicken breasts (approx. 2 lb.) -- $3.54
2 1/2 c rice -- $.30
chicken noodle soup mix -- free!

New York Texas Toast -- $.86
We went veggie-less with this meal.  I should have thrown some broccoli right in the casserole, shouldn't I?

Total cost: $4.70 for a huge casserole!
We had enough leftovers to use as a starter for a fried rice or for a light lunch.
PLUS! I have another cooked chicken breast to use in a pasta salad or something, making a second meal for probably around $2! 

Trying Something New

So I have been wondering, ever since we got our iPhone last week, how I could take pictures and post them here. It took me an hour this afternoon, but I think I have it figured out! And it figures, doesn't it, that the only thing I'm not embarrassed about around here is my Publix receipt from yesterday? Not a pic of me, blech! Not a pic of my house--too messy! Oh well.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meal Plan, 2/12-2/18

I'm super excited about the amount of stockpile meals this week.

Saturday -- chicken and rice casserole ($6)

Sunday -- ham and rice ($10)
-- pasta salad with chicken ($2)

Monday -- barbeque beef sandwiches and homemade french fries ($4)

Tuesday -- jumbalaya with smoked sausage ($3)

Wednesday -- lasagna pasta toss (about $4)

Thursday -- taco rice or boxed taco dinner ($4)

Friday -- leftover ham with garlic noodles ($2)

Saturday -- steak or pork chops, on the grill if the weather is nice. :)

Publix, 2/12 -- 71% savings

Just a little trip today. That's a good thing, since I've gone over budget the last three weeks in a row, and last week was WAY over budget -- like $20 or so over!
I also got a raincheck for the $10 off $50 AmEx gift card, since my store was out of them. I'm glad for that because I didn't get a paper this week to get a $5/$50 Apple Market coupon. I can save that raincheck and get the gift card when I have the coupon to off-set the cost even more.

I got all my coupon matchups from I don't know how I ever functioned without this website.

Here's what we got:

1 pkg. Publix hamburger buns -- $1.23

2 Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner -- BOGO -- 2 for $2.69

Used $1 coupon from

Paid: $1.69 for both, or just $.85 each!

2 Emerald trail mix -- 2 for $3 (Yellow Advantage Deal)

Used 2 $1 coupons from 1/30 SS

Paid: $.50 for both, or just $.25 each!

1 Pedigree dentastix -- $3 (Yellow Advantage Deal)

Used $2/1 coupon from 1/30 RP

Paid: $1!

2 Hefty trashbags -- BOGO -- 2 for $6.89

Used 2 $.55/1 coupons from

Paid: $5.79 for both, or just $2.90 each!

(I'm not a brand-snob, generally speaking, but I refuse to buy cheap trash bags. It's not worth the little savings when I have to clean up garbage juice off the kitchen floor because the bag tore. Yuck. I am happy to pay this price for 76 trash bags!)

1 3-pk Scotch Brite sponges -- $2

1 Publix multivitamin, 100 pk -- $4.39

2 Vivarin -- $3.19 each

Used 2 $2 printables

Used $5/2 from the Green Advantage flier

Paid: FREE, plus $2.62 overage!

2 Phazyme -- $3.49 each

Used 2 $2 printables

Used $5/2 from the Green Advantage flier

Paid: FREE, plus $2.02 overage!

10 Mentos rolls -- $.50 each (Yellow Advantage deal)

Used 10 $.50/1 from 2/6 SS

Paid: FREE for all 10!

1 Silk soymilk -- $3.39

Used $.75 coupon from

Used $.75 coupon from Yellow Advantage flier

Paid: $1.89!

Paid: $19.82

Saved: $48.74

Percent saved: 71.1%
Plus, I had a quick trip yesterday to Publix to pick up one item: Hebrew National hot dogs. I bought 4 packs (BOGO -- $4.99 for 2), plus a $2 package of smoked sausage. I used 4 $1/1 coupons from the Yellow Advantage flier that expired yesterday. I paid $7.98, I think. I don't have the receipt, so I don't know if that's exactly right, but it should be. I will get 3 - 5 meals out of this!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A trial post

My husband got an iPhone! I just had to see if I could blog with it! Looks like it might work!

Publix, 2/7 -- 75% Savings

Still didn't find some of the best deals out there -- I must be the last couponer to make it to Publix these days! Still, I got a TON of stuff for less than $23. Check it out!

7 assorted Publix 2-liters -- $.50 each
Paid: $3.50
2 Edy's ice cream -- BOGO -- 2 for $5.97
Paid: $5.97
2 Lloyd's barbecue meat -- BOGO -- 2 for $5.49
Used 2 $1/1
Paid: $3.49 for both!
2 U by Kotex -- $4.79 each
Used 2 $2/1 Publix coupon
Used $2.50/2 printable coupon
Paid: $3.08 for both, or just $1.54 each!
6 Kotex -- $3.31 each
Used 6 $2/1 Publix coupons
Used 6 $1/1 coupons
Paid: $1.86 for all 6, or just $.31 each!
6 Ramen noodles (for fillers) -- 6 for $1
Paid: $1
1 Triaminic liquid fever medicine -- $5.59
Used $1 blinkie I found a while back
Paid: $4.49
8 Secret deoderant -- $2.99 each
Used 8 $2/1 coupons
Used 8 $1/1 Publix Green Advantage flier
Paid: FREE for all 8!
Used $5/$30 Winn-Dixie coupon
Tax -- $4.27
Total paid: $22.68
Total saved: $70.29
Percent saved: 75.6%
Plus, we also filled 2 prescriptions for antibiotics: one for our daughter with strep throat and one for my son just in case. These were free at Publix, but the receipt from the pharmacy says that we saved $31.90! Nice!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

FlyLady Decluttering Mission Before and After

I haven't been doing a good job at all lately with FlyLady. I barely get the kitchen sink shiny each day, although I suppose I AM grateful for that little bit of progress. Until today, I hadn't done a swish-and-swipe in the master bath, probably since early January. Well, my daughter has strep throat, and I stayed home from church today with her. I decided not to let my time be wasted. I did my swish-and-swipe, which took quite a bit more time than usual, thanks to the build-up of yuck in the toilet. Then I decided to attack the desk. Isn't it awful? Notice that there's no computer . . . that's right, the desk was so crowded that the laptop wouldn't even fit. I would just put the laptop on top of the pile to plug it in to the printer for printing coupons. I didn't use this desk for anything else. Seeing the picture, I know you are not surprised. Our desk is a really pretty roll top, so when company would come, we'd just close up the desk and pretend the mess didn't exist. The rest of the time, the mess was mostly invisible to us.
I decided that I would set the timer for 15 minutes, figuring that it would take several days of doing a 15 minute session each day to get the desk presentable. Off I went!

Fifteen minutes later, this was the result. I know it's not perfect; there are still the little cubbies to attack, as well as the top and the underneath area. But, oh my! We can use the desk again! I threw away trash and lots of coupons, many of which expired almost a year ago! I'm pleased! And, apparently, so is beautiful Dianna, who isn't letting her strep throat keep her from having a delightful countenance and attitude.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Publix, 2/5 -- 66% Savings

I didn't have as much luck finding the deals I was looking for at the Bayou/9th Avenue store. I think 66% is a decent savings and better than most weeks here lately. I'll still keep trying to improve! I used several websites today to put together my trip. I perused the show-and-tell posts on these sights: , I used for the general lists, info, and links. Actually, I guess I used links from all three sites as well as from

Here's how I did:

8 Lloyd's barbecue meat -- BOGO -- 2 for $5.49

Used 8 $1/1 from the 1/30 SS

Paid: $13.96 for all 8, or just $1.75

2 Kraft singles -- 2 for $5

Used $1/2 Target printable coupon

Paid: $4 for both, or just $2 each!

2 Kraft chunk cheese -- 2 for $4

Used $1.25/2 Target printable coupon

Paid: $2.75 for both, or just $1.38 each

1 Polly-O mozzarella -- $2.69

Used $1/1 Yellow Advantage flier

Used $1/1 printable

Paid: $.69!

1 Polly-O ricotta cheese -- $3.99

Used $1/1 Yellow Advantage flier

Used $1/1 printable

Paid: $1.99!

2 Athenos Greek yogurt -- $1.20 each

Used $1/1 printable coupon

Paid: $.40 for both, or just $.20 each!

2 Breakstone sour cream -- BOGO -- 2 for $1.95

Used $.55/1 printable

Paid: $1.40 for both, or just $.70 each!

1 Publix aluminum foil -- $2.89

12 Rotel diced tomatoes -- BOGO -- 2 for $1.39

Used B3G1 from January All You

Used 4 $.75/3 Yellow Advantage flier

Paid: $3.95 for all 12, or just $.33 each!

2 Oscar Mayer deli creations -- $2.19 each

Used $2/2 Publix coupon

Used $1/2 printable

Paid: $1.38 for both, or just $.69 each!

1 pkg. Publix hotdog buns -- $1.23

1 Publix bakery rye bread -- $1.99

Used $1 wyb Kraft singles

Paid: $.99

4 Honest Kids 8-pk juice pouches -- BOGO -- 2 for $3.49

Used 3 $.75/1 printables

Paid: $4.73 for all 4, or just $1.19 each!

2 Kotex pads -- $3.31 each

Used $2/2 from 1/16 SS

Used 2 $2/1 Publix coupons from 1/16 SS

Paid: $.62 for both, or just $.31 each!

1 Dove deoderant -- $2.99

Used $2/1 from 1/30 RP

Used $1 from the Green Advantage flier

Paid: FREE!

3 Milk Bone treats -- $2.50 each

Used 2 $1.50 peelies

Paid: $4.50 for all 3, or just $1.50 each!

1 CLR septic treatment -- $4.99

Used $5/$50 Apple Market coupon

Total paid: $48.39

Total saved: $93.84

Percent saved: 66%

Publix, 2/5 -- 73% savings

Okay, before you scroll down to the rest of this post, I just want you to know that I didn't highlight the second half in yellow on purpose. I don't know how it happened, and I don't know how to make it go away. Also, just wanted you to know that, as I type here in the "posting" portion of blogger, there are blank lines between item descriptions where I have double spaced to make it easy to read. I don't know why blogger has bunched almost everything together, and I don't know how to change it. This is another good proof that I could never be a blogger by trade. I obviously don't know how to make the little things that go wrong to be right. Anyhoo, here's my info. for what it's worth . . .

Finally, a semi-decent percent of savings! Just when I was beginning to despair of ever getting back where I want to be! (At least 75% average savings is my goal. I have a ways to go still.) I had some deals that I wanted to try because they seemed a little too-good-to-be-true, so I went to Publix this morning to get just a few items to try those deals. I knew if they worked, I'd be back later to get more. I am in the middle of preparing my list for later, and it is HUGE -- and so is my stack of coupons! I hope I can get all the printables I need and that all the deals are in stock. I can't wait!

Here are the few things I picked up this morning:

2 Kotex pads -- $3.31 each
Used 2 $2/1 Publix coupon from the 1/9 SS
Used $2/2 from the 1/9 SS
Paid: $.31 each, or just $.62 for both!

1 Secret deoderant -- $2.99
Used $2/1 from 1/30 RP
Used $1/1 from the Green Advantage flier
Paid: FREE!
1 Publix brand cream soda -- $.50 on sale
needed a filler item and this is a favorite in our house
2 Oscar Mayer deli creations -- $2.19 each
Used $2/2 from 1/9 SS
Paid: $1.19 each, or $2.38 for both!
This is something we never would have tried before couponing. I know it's not the greatest deal in the world, but we get to try something new!
Total spent: $4.25
Total saved: $11.91
Percent savings: 73.7%!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Menu Plan, February 5-11

We've done well this week -- we only ate out once! And that was to celebrate the fact that Dad and Mom closed on their house here in Pensacola, and when your meal out is for a really good reason, it doesn't count against you, right?

Here's my plan for the coming week:

Saturday -- breakfast -- may eat out before our shopping trip
lunch -- hotdogs and chips
dinner -- hamburger helper

Sunday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- crockpot roast and rice
dinner -- frozen pizza

Monday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- at school/work
dinner -- chicken and stuffing

Tuesday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- at school/work
dinner -- pork chops and rice

Wednesday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- at school/work
dinner -- hamburger helper

Thursday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- at school/work
dinner -- taco rice

Friday -- breakfast -- oatmeal or poptarts
lunch -- at school/lunch
dinner -- chicken nuggets, rice-a-roni

To successfully pull off this meal plan, we need to buy sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, and hotdog buns. I'm pretty sure that's it! Oh, and maybe onions, too.