Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tupua Disney trip, April 2013

In preparation for our much-anticipated weekend Disney trip, I have saved my rewards points at Tom Thumb in order to get a good discount on a gas fill up. I had enough points to get $.40 per gallon discounted, so instead of paying $3.39, I paid $2.99 per gallon. We drive an enormous vehicle, so it took $80.51 to fill 'er up, but that was a savings of $10.74. 

I am headed back to Publix this morning to pick up just a couple of things: snack items that are bogo right now. I have our snack bag otherwise packed, all with items that were on sale, most bogo. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

We're planning another Disney trip!

I do a pretty horrible job of posting here all the things I do to plan and save at Disney. In just under 2 weeks, we are headed back for a quick weekend to celebrate (a month early) our daughter's 8th birthday. Here's how I have planned and saved so far:

Hotel- we are staying at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and not paying a penny out of pocket. We are members of the Disney Vacation Club, and our monthly payment for that is part of our regular budget.  The $700 price tag for our stay is far more than the month's payment, and far out of our normal range for 2 nights in a hotel.

Tickets - we have passes paid for on a previous trip, so we don't have to pay anything out of pocket. The kids have 4-day passes, purchased for $129 each. The hubs and I have seasonal passes purchased at our last summer's vacation.

Gas - we will need approximately 50-55 gallons of gas for the round-trip in our suburban. Gas in town currently goes for $3.42. We have a $.40 per gallon discount for a local gas station, which will save us at LEAST $8 on our fill up just before leaving town. I purchased a gas card at Publix with their $10-off coupon, saving 20% on that $50 worth. This accounts for about 34 gallons or so. I'm hoping Publix will run their promotion again, but otherwise we'll have to pay regular price for the remaining 16 or so gallons.

Food - I have been able to set aside some money each week to cover some of our food costs. I have recently been able to pay about $300 for Disney's dining plan. That will cover all our meals on Saturday as well as lunch on Sunday. (This includes 2 table service meals, 2 counter service meals, and 2 snack.) We will have to cover dinner on Friday evening as we travel down to Orlando, breakfast on Sunday, and dinner on Sunday as we travel back home.

Souvenirs, miscellaneous, and emergency - The kids are earning their $10 souvenir budget by doing their daily chores. The hubs and I don't typically buy souvenirs aside from a magnet, picture frame, or magnet to commemorate our trip. The rest we'll cover out of our normal budget. We do try to keep tight fisted when it comes to our spending at Disney, so there isn't usually much "miscellaneous" except for the occasional extra snack.

Our whole family is counting down to our trip next weekend!

Menu plan - week of 4/1

It's that time again! Lets see what I can put together for the fam.

Monday - creamy baked chicken taquitos
Tuesday - chicken cordon blue (for the parents), chef Boyardee (for the kids)
Wednesday - pork carnitas
Thursday - hot dogs
Friday - Kuresa's famous braised pork roast (my brother-in-law's amazing creation)
Saturday - standing rib roast (aren't we fancy?)
Sunday - ????? We'll have company, so I'll have to make it good! I'll figure it out after we go meat shopping tonight.

Aside from Sunday's dinner, I have almost everything I'll need to make this entire menu.  I need hot dog buns, but that might be all. Each meal will be served with either rice or pasta and with veggies, either fresh or frozen.

CVS 4/1 - saved 58.9%

The kids and I had fun at CVS today. I have found a favorite store in town. It IS across town, but it doesn't seem to get hit by the buy-out-the-entire-inventory type of couponers. I can almost always find what I want there. 

4 assorted Dawn dish detergent - $.99 each
          - 2 $.50 p&g coupons
          - 2 $.25 p&g coupons

2 Crest pro-health rinse (1 ltr each) - $4.49 each
           2 $1.50 p&g coupons

2 oral-b power toothbrushes - $5.99 each
          2 $3 p&g coupons

2 oral-b manual toothbrushes - $2.77 each
          2 $1p&g coupons

1 Allegra 30- count - $17.99
         $5 printable
          $2 cvs coupon from the magic machine

2 crest 3D white toothpastes - $3.49 each
          2 $1 p&g coupons

1 clear hair care - $4.99
          $4.99 cvs coupon from the magic machine

Total spent: $37.26
Total saved: $53.40
Percent saved: 58.9%

PS - I did not count the $17 in extra care bucks I received. That will help make an even better savings next time!

Publix 4/1 - saved just 43.2%

Even though my percent of savings was low, I'm pleased with my trip. I got some items we needed, some we wanted, and even something new to try. 

2 chef Boyardee canned pasta - $1 each

3 medicated chapsticks - $1 each

2 barber frozen chicken items - $3 each
          - 2 $1/1 insert coupons
          (This is the item that is new for us.)

2 Barilla pasta - bogo - $1.49 for both

2 Nathan's franks - bogo - $5.29 for both

2 Polly-o string cheese - $3 each
          - 2 $.75/1 insert coupons

2 toufayan wraps - bogo - $2.09 for both

1 deli triple play (roast turkey, ham, and cheese) - $9.99

1 lb (well, a bit over) Publix top round roast beef - $9.03

5 lb (well, almost) Boston butt pork roast - $9.75

2 mentos up2u gum - 2 for $1.49

Used $5/50 competitor coupon

Total spent: $47.75
Total saved: $36.45
Percent savings: 43.2%

PS - the lady in front of me in line saved a little more than I did (but less than $40), but she spent almost $300! Makes my measly 43.2% savings seem pretty awesome!