Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu plan - week of 4/1

It's that time again! Lets see what I can put together for the fam.

Monday - creamy baked chicken taquitos
Tuesday - chicken cordon blue (for the parents), chef Boyardee (for the kids)
Wednesday - pork carnitas
Thursday - hot dogs
Friday - Kuresa's famous braised pork roast (my brother-in-law's amazing creation)
Saturday - standing rib roast (aren't we fancy?)
Sunday - ????? We'll have company, so I'll have to make it good! I'll figure it out after we go meat shopping tonight.

Aside from Sunday's dinner, I have almost everything I'll need to make this entire menu.  I need hot dog buns, but that might be all. Each meal will be served with either rice or pasta and with veggies, either fresh or frozen.

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