Sunday, February 6, 2011

FlyLady Decluttering Mission Before and After

I haven't been doing a good job at all lately with FlyLady. I barely get the kitchen sink shiny each day, although I suppose I AM grateful for that little bit of progress. Until today, I hadn't done a swish-and-swipe in the master bath, probably since early January. Well, my daughter has strep throat, and I stayed home from church today with her. I decided not to let my time be wasted. I did my swish-and-swipe, which took quite a bit more time than usual, thanks to the build-up of yuck in the toilet. Then I decided to attack the desk. Isn't it awful? Notice that there's no computer . . . that's right, the desk was so crowded that the laptop wouldn't even fit. I would just put the laptop on top of the pile to plug it in to the printer for printing coupons. I didn't use this desk for anything else. Seeing the picture, I know you are not surprised. Our desk is a really pretty roll top, so when company would come, we'd just close up the desk and pretend the mess didn't exist. The rest of the time, the mess was mostly invisible to us.
I decided that I would set the timer for 15 minutes, figuring that it would take several days of doing a 15 minute session each day to get the desk presentable. Off I went!

Fifteen minutes later, this was the result. I know it's not perfect; there are still the little cubbies to attack, as well as the top and the underneath area. But, oh my! We can use the desk again! I threw away trash and lots of coupons, many of which expired almost a year ago! I'm pleased! And, apparently, so is beautiful Dianna, who isn't letting her strep throat keep her from having a delightful countenance and attitude.

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