Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Savings, 1/16 - Publix

Once again, I kind of bumbled with my Publix trip. Total after tax before coupons - $19.61. After coupons - $13.61. Publix says I saved just over $20, after BOGOs and coupons.

A much more experienced couponing blogger, Heather, over at reported spending $14 and change at Publix this week and saving $130 plus. She's shaking her head in amusement at my fumbling and uninformed and unprepared attempts.
Here's the rundown:
2 4-pk. GE lightbulbs
BOGO at $2.09
Used $1.50 printable coupon
Paid $.59 for 8 lightbulbs
Blistex lip balm
no coupon, although the receipt says it was on sale.
Paid $.83
Hefty trash bags
BOGO at $6.49
Used 2 printable coupons
Paid $4.49 for 2 boxes of trashbags.
(I refuse to buy the cheap trash bags, even though I could have gotten something for less than what I did. There's almost nothing worse than three day old trash on the kitchen floor after the explosion of a cheap bag. Yuck.)
Thomas bagel-thins
BOGO at $3.99
No coupon, but I couldn't resist because these just fit my new diet determination at just 110 calories a piece.
Paid $3.99 for 2 bags of bagels.
Lender's bagels
4 packages of these.
BOGO at $2.15
Used 1 $1.00 printable coupon.
Paid $3.30 for 4 packages.
(I had another $1 coupon, but the cashier said she couldn't accept two of the coupons for BOGO items. I thought she was talking about the trashbag coupons, so I didn't fight it. If I had realized the coupon she was rejecting was for bagels, I would have pushed, seeing as how I had 4 packs, not just two. That's okay, though. Why didn't she refuse the two coupons on the two boxes of trashbags when they were BOGO? Anyways.)
Muir Glen tomato sauce, 8 oz.
Used $1 printable coupon
Paid $.78 for 2 cans.
(Another bumble here: after check out, I realized that I had only handed her 1 of my 2 coupons for this. I could have gotten them both for free, plus overage. grr.)
I've bought so many lightbulbs recently. Once I've been at this for a couple more months, we'll be set FOR LIFE for lightbulbs! The lightbulbs we've been able to get so cheaply are not the newer energy efficient ones that we love. There are only a few places in our house where we still need the older kind of bulb. We really will be set for life with this kind of bulb!
After the kids finish their nap, we're headed to Toys R Us (because Handsome Man and HM Junior both love the place). I think I'll visit the Publix next door and pick up another tomato sauce for free and two more packs of bagels for $1.15 after coupon. With the overage from the tomato sauce, it should come out to about $1.25 or so.

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