Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Monday! 1/19 -- Pep Boys, Krispy Kreme

We had to replace a headlight today. We had a $10 email gift certificate from Pep Boys that we received when we had our alternator replaced in the fall. The gift certificate expired at the end of the month, and we'd been holding out on using it. We had decided that we would go buy air freshener or something, just so we wouldn't lose the $10 for free! I'm glad we waited. After the certificate, our headlight cost $2.86!
We had tried to head over to the new Dunkin' Donuts because we heard that they were giving out free samples. They were already closed by the time we got there. So, we went over to Krispy Kreme. We used some of our leftover Christmas coupons, so we had 5 donuts for FREE!

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