Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stockpile Status, 1/17 - Bathroom storage

I had been stocking my bathroom-related stockpile in my linen closet in the hall, but that crazy closet is - literally - the width of a large shoebox, so I had to rearrange today. I put all my bathroom stuff under the bathroom sink in my master bath. An under-appreciated space until today. I found myself opening that cabinet just a little while ago, just so I could see my little stash.

I could probably go through my previous posts and find out how much I spent for each item, but I don't have the energy to do that right now. Maybe I'll do an update sometime with that information. I do know that I paid next-to-nothing for my goodies.

From left to right, bottom row:

2 boxes of Always -- bought at Target when the large box was on clearance and I had a coupon for B1G1 FREE! Paid $4.70 for 2 big boxes!

Tucks to-go pads -- don't know if or when I'll ever need these. But they were FREE after coupon!

Nail files -- a Target purchase. FREE or close to it!

2 packages of disposable razors - Wal-Mart -- FREE with coupon!

5 L'oreal eyeshadows -CVS -- $7.95 -- I was originally going for the $3 ECB's with a $10 L'oreal purchase at CVS. One of the eye shadows cost $4.99. The others rang up at $1.49. They did not count toward the $10, so I never did get the $3 ECB's. This eyeshadow would normally have gone for $28.95, so I did all right.

7 Colgate toothpastes -- 1 was FREE! Two were $.50 each. The other 4 were from a jumbo-pack from Sam's before I learned that I could get toothpaste for free or close to it by couponing. I don't want to think about how much I paid for those.

Left to right, top row:

8 assorted facial cleansers -- Almost free! I used coupons and sales plus ECB deals to get some really great cleansers. Most of these are brands that I would have considered too expensive to buy for myself, like Roc and Olay Regenerist. I probably have close to 2 years worth of cleanser already, but I'll keep buying it if CVS and other stores keep practically giving it away!

2 Axe gift sets -- $10 at Target -- got a $5 gift card back.

Wet Ones -- Wal-Mart -- free or close to it with a coupon!

Re-Nu contact solution - Wal-Mart -- FREE after coupon!

3 Aussie products - CVS -- next to nothing after coupon, sale, and ECB deal!

3 men's Shampoo/conditioner - CVS - on clearance for $1.25 each, down from $5.99. I used $2 ECB's to purchase, so I only paid about $1.75 for all 3!

2 3-packs of Ivory soap -- Wal-Mart -- I had a hard time tracking these down, trying to get $.99 soap free at CVS with a $1 coupon, before I realized that they were only $1.07 at Wal-Mart. So, I paid $.14 for 6 bars of Ivory.

Softsoap refill - Target -- $.14 after coupon!

4 Pantene products -- CVS -- almost free after sales, coupons, and ECB deals!

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