Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thursday Thrill, 1/7 - Walmart, CVS, Krispy Kreme!

Three great deals today!

Pictured are my finds from Wal-Mart, CVS, and Krispy Kreme.

First: Wal-Mart

I had $1 coupons for the Beech Nut toddler meals (on the right). The coupons were in the 1/3 paper; I don't remember which of the 5 inserts, sorry!
Wal-Mart stocks them in the baby food section. They were $1.06. The only flavor they had was chicken and stars. Anyway, with 4 coupons, I snagged 4 little meals for a total of just $.34 after tax. I used a gift card that had less than $1 on it, so I ended up not paying any cash at all for these. Love it!

Next: CVS

I got my BOGO coupons from the coupon clippers in the mail (it only took 2 days for them to get to me from Dade County, Florida - think Miami - to Pensacola, Florida - think almost to Alabama). We headed over to CVS where I got the 6 cans of Oust (using the BOGO) and the little diet aid spray. (It's supposed to curb your appetite for snacks.)
When the cashier finished ringing up the items, the total was over $35.
First, I handed over my $5 off $30 that I got for taking the Medicare Quiz.
Then, I passed across my BOGO's.
Used my ECB's.
Paid $4 and change.
Got back $18 ECB's . . . 1 for using my green bag tag for the 4th time; 9 for the Oust; 8 for the diet spray. (Made the diet spray free!)
One disappointment: I was under the impression that I would get 3 ECB's for EACH can of Oust, so I was expecting 18 ECB's just from those. However, it appears that I only got 3 ECB's each for the cans I paid for. The ones I got free with coupon didn't generate any ECB's. boo. I was really looking forward to shopping next week with a record (for me) of $27 ECB's. I'll just have to make do with $18. :)

Last: Krispy Kreme

I mentioned in a previous post that we visited Krispy Kreme one evening and had a slightly disappointing experience in one area. I wrote a message to Krispy Kreme via their website and asked if they had changed the glaze recipe and, if they had, gave our vote to return to the previous recipe. I didn't complain, I don't think; not really, anyway. I said that the doughnuts were delicious, just that we liked the old glaze better. I got an email back stating that they were sorry for our disappointing experience. (They apparently didn't change the glaze recipe, even though they didn't answer my question in their message. We've been back, and it's the same old glaze we know and love.) They said they were sending me a coupon for a free dozen glazed doughnuts. That coupon came in the mail today, too, so we headed on over to KK and got our doughnuts. My son and daughter both asked for sprinkle doughnuts, and I caved and bought them each one. Plus a drink for us to share. The total out of pocket at Krispy Kreme was $2.48.

When all was said and done and eaten on this Thrilling Thursday, I spent a total of right around $7!

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