Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Savings: 1/1 - CVS

I stopped at 3 CVS's today, hoping take advantage of this week's sales before they are done. Almost no luck. I couldn't find any Dawn with Olay that was on sale for $.99. (I had a $.50 coupon from 12/27 P&G. Actually, I had 3 of these coupons, so I was hoping to score 3 of these for around $1.50.) They were also out of the 3-pack of Ivory that was on sale for $.99. I have 3 $1.00 coupons from the 12/27 P&G. (Hoping to score 3 for FREE!) I tried using one earlier this week when I made my first CVS shopping trip, but the cashier wouldn't adjust the value of the coupon to match the price.
Anyway, I tried 3 times today and struck out on those 2 deals. Better luck next week, when I start hunting for those deals earlier. Like tomorrow, when the new store adds and new coupons come out.
I did pick up 3 more Diet Coke 2 liters, since they are on sale for 3 for $3, plus they generate $1 ECB.
Plus, I did get a couple deals. The Aussie product pictured is on sale for $2.88, and I used a $1.00 coupon (maybe from the 12/27 P&G), so the cost was $1.88. The Biore product was originally priced at $7.99, but was on clearance for $4.00. CVS has an ECB offer on Biore this week, so I got $3 ECB. I also bought the green bag tag and used it so I can get more ECB in the future. All in all, I spent $10.70 and got $4 ECB for 3 2 liters, a green bag tag, an Aussie shampoo, and a Biore face wash.

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