Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Savings, 1/16 - Everyday Minerals

A couple of years ago, I gave into a long-denied temptation and tried Bare Minerals foundation. I loved it immediately and have been using it ever since. I'm addicted.
I'm NOT addicted, though, to the high price of the make up. That didn't stop me from buying several items! ;)
In the last year I came across another mineral make up called Everyday Minerals. Their prices are so much more reasonable than Bare Minerals. I just had to look into it more. It turns out that their products are just as -- if not more so -- natural than Bare Minerals. They have TONS of shades of foundation and offer several levels of coverage as well. The best part about Everday Minerals is that they offer a free gift of choice with purchase (click the link to see the choices). I purchased a shaded lip balm (click the link to see the one I chose!) for $4.00 and received a 4-piece set of foundation to try. I even got to choose the shades of foundation. I love it as much or more than Bare Minerals. When I finally run out of Bare Minerals, I will be purchasing from Everyday Naturals. If that foundation lasts as long as Bare Minerals does (almost forever), I'll probably never go back to Bare Minerals. I just like the prices AND the fact that I get a free gift of my own choosing with every order I place. Check them out!

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