Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Savvy, 1/3 - CVS 2

Reality hits home after my high expectations of last night.

First of all, I did not get the BOGO coupon Oust Air Sanitizer in my newspaper. That really threw my whole strategy for a loop. I had to re-vamp, and I ended up spending more than I could/should have.

I was going to do 3 different transactions to maximize my ECB usage and savings. After all the mixups, I ended up doing just one transaction. I have a $5 off of $30 that I could have used, but I got so confused that I forgot about it. grr. Sometimes I feel like a raging moron in there. I'm too new this for comfort. I'm not at all confident.

Anyway, the deals I got weren't too bad. I just spent more out of pocket than I should have.

Here's the rundown:

Glad fabric spray - $3.99
Get $3 ECB (limit 6)
I planned to buy 6, paying for them in my second transaction using ECB's earned from my first transaction.
I decided for economy's sake to only get 3. They only had 2, so I got 2.
Paid: $8, got $6 ECB

Nivea Products - various prices

2 Lip products - $3.99 each
Used BOGO from 1/3 SS
1 Body Wash - $6.99
Used $2/1 from 1/3 SS
Paid: $9, got $5 ECB

GE light bulb - $2.99

Used $1.50 coupon
Paid $1.50, got $2.00 ECB

Colgate Total - 2 for $5

Used 2 $1 from January All You (I had to buy 2)
Paid $3.00, got back $2 ECB

After manufacturer's coupons and 6 ECB's saved from previous shopping, I still spent $15 and change. (If I had remembered that $5 off coupon, I could have spent just $10. Oh, well.) I got back $15 ECB's, though, so that softened the blow a bit. I hope to get to another CVS this week to find the Glade fabric spray so that I might qualify for the $5 SC Johnson rebate I mentioned. I also want to try something new - buying coupons online. Do you suppose if I order them today they will be here before the end of the sale?
I thought of another happy bit of news. Through one of the survey sites I participate in, I recently ordered a $5 gift card to CVS. It didn't cost anything; I used points to redeem it. Hurray! $5 more worth of free stuff at CVS. Boy, if I ever get to $30 to use that $5 coupon, plus the $5 gift card, plus the $15 ECB's I currently have. Woo, boy, I tell you what! Grow, little stockpile, grow!

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