Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday Tune-Up 12/29

Went to Target on a couponing adventure. Scored a couple of good bargains. Still a greenhorn at this smart shopping business, to be sure.

3 Tide travel size - $.97 each
Used 3 $1/1 Tide coupons from 12/26 PG
Paid: $0*
2 bags of Christmas-y M&M's - $2.99 each
On clearance for 50% off - or around $1.50 each
Used $1/2 coupon from ???
Paid: $2 for 2
*Only 2 of my Tide coupons scanned and I didn't notice until after the transaction was complete and I did a check of my receipt as my "mentors" have instructed. I was too embarrassed to go back to the cashier or to Customer Service to do something about it, though. So I really ended up paying $1.00 for one of those Tides.
Total oop: $3.33
Average spent per item: $.67

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