Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday Thrill, 12/31: Target

Super Target, baby! Finally found Christmas clearance for 75% off -- is still 50% locally as far as I know. (Our SuperTarget is about 1 1/2 hours away.) Here are some deals I scored:
Clearance clothing
a dress for my daughter $5.00
Cordouroy pants and a sweater for my son $14.92 (more than I normally spend on a 2-year-old's outfit, but it was too cute to resist.)
Christmas clearance - 75% off
Candy canes - 2 boxes of 24 each - $1.24
M&M Premium Mint $.87 (used a coupon for $1.00, so it was FREE!)
Christmas-themed children's plates and cups, 2 each - $1.96*
An ornament to use in my classroom - $.99
2-pack rolls of wrapping paper - $1.12
Disney Princess wrapping paper $.75
Toy Clearance
Little Play Dough sets (a tool plus 2 small tubs of playdough) $2.76*
(*Already building the gift bags for my niece and nephew for next Christmas!)
We used 2 reusable bags, so I got an additional $.10 off. :) What can I do with $.10, you ask? Nothing, really, until I keep going back over and over.
My only peeve is that the cashier would not take the coupon at face value. The coupon was for $1.00 off and she adjusted it to $.87 off since the candy was $.87. I don't get why I can't get an extra $.13 off when Mars/M&M's is going to reimburse Target for the $1.00 anyway. Did Target just make $.13 off of the manufacturer that was meant for the consumer? It feels that way from here, although I'll admit to just wanting that extra $.13 for myself. I'm a money-grubber-in-the-making, and I ain't 'shamed!

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