Monday, March 1, 2010

March Mission -- Day 1

Fellow blogger and Disney enthusiast, Kristin, over at, is having a challenge this month. I've decided to get on the band wagon by commenting on her daily posts this month, but I'm also carrying that over here.
For someone who calls herself a "wannabe cheapskate", I sure do allow myself to eat out a lot. And I mean A LOT!!! It's usually my idea, as opposed to my husband's prompting, although if he suggests, I go for it! We have been eating out so much lately! At least 4 times for breakfast and 3 times for dinner each week. We'd easily spend $75 per week just on eating out. Well, my mission for March, just like Kristin's, is to cut WWWAAAYYY back on how much we eat out.
I want to cut it down to 25% of our recent habits, leaving room for at least 1 meal out per week. (We have a Saturday morning Chik-fil-a tradition.)
We often choose Whataburger for breakfast on Mondays, but ate at home today for FREE! We saved at least $9! (Thanks to my sister, Mandy, for making a great breakfast! You made it easy for us today!)
We often choose a fast food restaurant on Monday nights -- a place like Steak n Shake. At least $15 spent there. Today we are having Hamburger Helper and ciabatta rolls. We spent around $5 for all the ingredients, so we saved at least $10 on dinner.
That's a savings of $19 in just one day!
Here's the challenge for you: Decide what changes you want to make to your family's eating habits (eating out less, eating more healthful meals, eating together more, etc.). Post your goal as a comment on this post. Then, each day on my post for the day, comment your progress. Let's see what we can accomplish in the area this month!

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