Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've got a new banner on the right side of my page. You've GOT to go check out -- click that banner to the right to get there. You can buy a TON of coupons for a really minimal price. I have saved AT LEAST $100 now (in less than 2 months), thanks to thecouponclippers, and they are going to help me again this week. (I really cannot wait to get my coupons on Thursday and hit the stores.)
I can't say enough about how great the ladies at thecouponclippers are. My orders have always been wonderfully accurate, and I've always received them as promptly as possible.
This site is especially great for those smart shoppers who don't get a paper with coupons on Sundays. I also really appreciate thecouponclippers when I don't get a coupon I was hoping for in my inserts.
What are you waiting for? Click the banner on the right and get some coupons. It's almost time to shop!

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