Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Savings, 2/20 -- Target

I recently posted about my favorite picks for Target. See how I did:

1. Assorted clearance clothing for the kids:
denim skirt -- $7.98
2 shirts -- $3.50 each
swim trunks -- $3.98 (Why are swim trunks already on clearance? Could these be leftovers from last year?)
1 2-piece outfit -- $4.00
1 pr. khaki pants -- $3.00
Paid: around $26

2. 4 4-packs Special K protein shakes -- $5.04 each
Used 2 $1/2 Q from
Paid: $18.16

3. Excedrin Back and Body -- $2.51
Used $2 printable
Paid: $.51

4. Dove 4-pack of soap with a bonus tiny body wash -- $3.99
Used $1.75 printable and $1 Target printable Q's.
Paid: $1.24

5. 2 Gillette body washes -- $3 each
Used 2 $2 Q from 2/7 P&G
Paid: $1 each!

Used $3 off purchase coupon we received last week when a transaction went horribly wrong.
Total before coupons: around $60
Total after coupons: around $48
Not a huge success, I guess. The kids' clothes are for summer vacation (We always save their new season wardrobe for vacation, so these things are for summer/fall.) Dianna, especially, is needing more things. She has almost nothing for the summer. Maybe I should try consignment shopping or Mom-to-Mom sales. I haven't progressed that far in my smart shopping endeavors, but maybe it's time. $18 was spent on Special K, and I think that's about as cheap as I'll ever be able to find them -- $4.54 per 4-pack. I have almost enough of these shakes now to last me through the rest of the school year.
So, after the clothes and shakes, we only spent about $3 on the rest of the stuff. In spite of the big number on the receipt, I'm pleased with this trip.

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