Friday, February 5, 2010

Our First Walgreens Adventure

When I first started researching couponing and smart shopping, I read multiple times that newbies should start with CVS and avoid Walgreens and the complications there. I've not conquered CVS my any means, but I've decided to try Walgreens. There's a deal just too great to pass up, and I've learned a key secret, I think, to overcoming the Register Rewards issues. The think with RR is that you can't roll over your RR into another transaction of the same kind. Let me explain by sharing what we bought today:
Walgreens has Pepsi-Co. products on sale, 5 12-packs for $15. We bought 5 12-packs of Diet Mt. Dew, my favorite soda! They have Frito-Lay bagged chips on sale for $2 each. We bought 3 bags. Our total was $21 plus tax. We received $10 in RR. We can use these RR to buy Joint Juice, which costs $10 but generates $10 RR right now at Walgreens. I could use those $10 RR to buy another set of Mt. Dew/Frito-Lay. But what I CAN'T do is use my $10 RR from Pepsi/Frito-Lay to buy another round of Pepsi/Frito-Lay. It appears as though you can go back and forth between the two deals without limit. At least, that's what a seasoned Walgreens shopper has shared with me; I did notice that the Walgreens ad stated a limit of one. (Maybe that just meant one deal per transaction?)
I enjoyed my trip to Walgreens today. The workers were very helpful when the register didn't initially print out our Register Rewards. I will definitely try shopping there again.


  1. Really? Because I just shopped there today planning to do that and was told by the Walgreens cashier that it wasn't allowed. She said if I bought the pepsi and got RR I couldn't buy another item that qualified for RR and receive my second round of RR. Hmmmmm. I'm going to talk to a manager next time because if what you learned is true, I could get some even better deals! Thanks! So excited about Walgreens since we don't have CVS here.

  2. I used my $10 RR today to buy stuff at Walgreens and then turned around and used the RR that generated from THAT deal to buy stuff in a second transaction. Worked okay for me! The cashier did check the ad for something before ringing up the RR in my second transaction today; I don't know what she was looking for. I'm still foggy on how RR work.