Friday, February 26, 2010

Stockpile Status, 2/26 -- Pantry

My amazing pantry!

A major overhaul is in my immediate future.

It's time to take everything out that isn't food and find somewhere else for those things.

Then I need to take out all the food and rearrange it in an orderly fashion.

On the floor are my bins of bulk items: rice and flour. I also have a box of random items: small appliances, storage containers, etc.

The lowest shelf is for my sister's stuff, so I'll leave that one alone.

The rest of the shelves are mine, and those are the ones I need to do the most work with (duh. obviously.).

Not pictured are the stacks in the laundry room of diet Mt. Dew and Special K shakes.

And to think that most of this disorganized bounty has been stockpiled in just under 2 months!

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