Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day Shopping, 2/12 -- Walgreens

After CVS, I hit Walgreens.
I had at least 4 transactions planned, but had so much trouble with the second that I just left and went home.
Really, the problem was easily fixed, but there was such a long line behind me at the register by the time I finished that I was so embarrassed.

First transaction:

10 Valentine pencils -- 2 for $1
Used in-ad coupon to get 10 for $2
Paid: $2

5 Crest toothpaste -- each had a bonus travel size! -- $2.59 each
Used 5 $.75 coupon from 1/17 P&G
Used $1.50 coupon from Walgreens' February coupon booklet
Paid: $.34 each or $1.70

3 Disney Activity pads -- 2 for $1
Used in-ad coupon to get 3 for $1
Paid: $1

3 Milky Way AND 3 Dove dark chocolate bars -- 3 for $2
Used in-ad coupon to get all 6 for $.49 each
Paid: $2.94 for 6

Used $7 RR
Paid: $2.06 for $25.65 value!


Second transaction:

10 wrapped pencils -- 2 for $1
Used in-ad coupon to get 10 for $2
Paid: $2

Super Poligrip -- $2
no coupon
Paid: $2
RR generated: $2

2 Reach toothbrushes -- $1.99 each
Used B1G1 Q from 1/3 RP (purchased from
Paid: $1.99 for both

I tried to get 5 Dayquil/Nyquil on sale for $4.49, with coupons for $2 off each. With a purchase of $20 of product, I could have gotten $10 RR. The computer wouldn't accept the coupon for whatever reason -- even though the coupon read "any product". The cashier didn't seem too eager to make it work, so I just asked her to void out the Nyquil/Dayquil. She voided 5, but she must have rung up a 6th on accident. The total she gave me was $10.93. I knew that was wrong -- it should have more like $6 something, but after going around with her a little, I finally paid her just so I could get the receipt and look at it myself. I found her error and had to wait for a manager to come give me a refund. After all was said and done, my total for the second transaction was $6.44.

I had intended to use some of my RR to pay for this, but with the confusion I felt, I forgot all about them.

Total paid at Walgreens today: $8.50 for a $41.87 value!
I now have $5.50 in RR.

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  1. Oh no! I've done the same and it always bugs me when I forget my RR or when the clerk isn't helpful or something just snags it all. You still did really good though! More RR for the next trip :)