Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Mission -- Day 13

Breakfast -- our traditional Chik-fil-a breakfast -- nearly $20
Lunch -- Whataburger for the guys working in the yard -- not quite $15
Dinner -- Chili and pasta (such a frugal choice! I cooked the beans a while back and had them in the freezer; they cost less than $.60. The ground beef was $1.89. I made my own chili seasoning, so that cost only a few pennies. I used 3 small cans of Hunt's tomato sauce that I got with coupon. I think I paid $.27 for all 3. I bought the pasta with a coupon, too, but don't remember what I paid for it. Couldn't have been more than $1.50, I guess. And I made a TON of chili!)
Still doing okay compared to our old habits. (Only 5 meals out this month so far.) We hadn't planned on lunch out today, but I'm so pleased with what Talani and Chad got done in the yard, I'd buy them lunch every Saturday for a month! Shhh! Don't tell them I said that!

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