Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eat-In Until Vacation Countdown

I know, vacation countdowns and eating in have very little to do with one another. But the Tupua family is putting those things together. Beginning the 1st of April, we will do a daily countdown to vacation and see how low we can keep the number of eat-out meals. We will probably continue to do our traditional Saturday breakfast out. And my husband and I have enjoyed the financial freedom to do a couple of date nights this month. That time together is hard to resist.
We will come up with some reward system between now and the beginning of April. We'll reward ourselves based on how our results relate to a predetermined number of eat-outs. For example, I think we can eat out fewer than 12 times between April 1 and May 29th. That gives us just Saturday breakfasts and a couple other meals thrown in. That really is a low number for how we've been living our lives. (Well, not this month, but many months.) If we stick to it, we'll give ourselves . . . I don't know, maybe breakfast at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom or at Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort? Something cool and special. The Tupua family will come up with a cool plan. Join us?

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