Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Mission -- Day 24

I can't believe how quickly the month is going. Good grief, we're nearly done with March already!

Here's how the past several days have gone:
Sunday, 3/21
Breakfast -- home -- around $2
Lunch -- home (roast and rice) -- $8
Dinner -- frozen pizza -- $3

Monday, 3/22
Breakfast -- home -- around $2
Lunch -- school/work -- no cost
Dinner -- Five Guys in Mobile, AL (a special treat) -- $25 ish

Tuesday, 3/23
Breakfast -- home -- around $2
Lunch -- school/work -- no cost
Dinner -- Whataburger (an unplanned treat; that's what happens when you don't finish your business until 8:00 pm and the kids still haven't eaten.) -- $20 ish

Tuesday's dinner was not planned and not a good value. We had thought to go to Fazoli's for kid's meals for $.99, but we didn't get there before 8:00, when the kids' night ends. So, Whataburger it was. Too bad, too, because Fazoli's lets anybody get a kid's meal -- even the grown ups. So we could have all eaten for $6 or $7. Oh well.

This challenge has been so good for our family, financially. And so good for me, domestically. I have enjoyed getting to cook for my family, even if I don't enjoy the clean up. I am already thinking of carrying this over into next month (I did mention that in another post already, I know.). I'll have to think of something.

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