Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Publix Coupon Booklet Is Available!

I found a new coupon booklet this morning at Publix. I was delighted to come across a plentiful supply -- it must be too new for everyone else to have snagged them!

It's called Future Friendly, and features Proctor & Gamble products.

There's a great coupon inside for a free Publix reusable bag when you buy 2 participating products. Plus, you could use Publix coupons stacked with manufacturer's coupons to get some great deals on those participating items!

All the coupons expire 4/17.
Here's a rundown:

$1 on any Tide product
$1 on any Charmin 6 Mega roll or larger
$.50 on any Dawn product
$1 on any Swiffer refill
$1 on any boxed Pampers product
$1 on any Pampers Wipes product
$1 on any Downy product
$1 on any Bounty 8-roll equivalent or larger
$1 on any Cascade product
$.75 on any Swiffer Wet Jet refill
$3 when you purchase $15 of Duracell batteries (any combination)
$3 on any Pur product

There's also a mail-in portion that states that if you purchase $25 of P&G products in one transaction, you can receive one free Black and Decker LightsOut AutoSwitch by mail or receive 2 by mail with the purchase of $45 of P&G products.

Paired with BOGO sales and/or manufacturer's coupons, these ought to make for a super deal!

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