Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Mission -- Day 20

Guess What???
No Sonic yesterday!
Even after the burned dinner, I managed to hold on to reason.

Here's the rundown for today (so far):
Tupua family traditional Chik-fil-a breakfast -- nearly $20
Frozen pizza -- $1
Frozen popcorn shrimp -- $.59
Fresh strawberries -- $1
Chips -- $1
I haven't made lunch yet, but it's going to have to be these convenience foods because I have a MOUNTAIN of school work to get done before 7:30 Monday morning.

Probably more of the convenience foods from lunch, and Daddy may have to do it all. I have to leave the house and go somewhere else to work. Just too many cute distractions to deal with here. By 2:00, I should be at the Whataburger near PCA. If you stop by, I'll be easy to find; I'll be in the corner booth with piles of work around me. If I look like I am perishing, just refill my diet coke for me, and I'll be fine. :) I will probably have Whataburger food for dinner.
No savings realized today, I don't think.
I did some reading of my own blog posts, and I really think that we have passed that $200 savings mark. There are several days about which I didn't post but that were successful in our mission. So, for the sake of keeping track of our savings, and in an effort to not inflate said savings, I have determined that, as of 3/20, we have saved $200 this month. March Mission posts from here on through the rest of the month will build on that number.
Hmm, what name might I use for a similar April mission? April Avoidance? (That sounds like some kind of mental illness.) April Attack? (Too violent. Or sounds like an allergic condition.) No Dining Out April? (Borrowing from Kristin at with that one. Not alliterated, and I like alliterated.) Ideas?

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