Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Mission -- Day 11

I am so thankful for this challenge! We have saved so much and it hasn't been too difficult. (Although I will admit to salivating yesterday just thinking of the chips and salsa as we drove by La Hacienda.)

Here's the rundown for today:
Breakfast: at home -- saved at least $5
Lunch: school/work
Dinner: at home -- saved at least $10

This brings our savings for the month to $107!
We are still planning on going out for our date tomorrow.
And still planning for our traditional Saturday breakfast with the kids at Chik-fil-a.
It's just amazing how much we've saved. (I have been estimating our savings on the lower side. I didn't want to inflate my recordings here. I estimated that our cheapest breakfast at Whataburger cost around $9 for the family, and that our cheapest dinner at Steak n Shake with coupons cost around $15. Then, I figure our grocery spending and subtract from that lowest eating out price to find our minimum savings. So that $107 is the lowest possible savings we've realized this month.)

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