Friday, March 19, 2010

March Mission -- Day 18

We've really done well this week, even though I haven't posted every day.
We did eat out -- just Talani and me -- after PTM on Monday. That was a nice treat.
That's the only meal we've eaten out this week!
Here's how the 18th went:


Jimmy Dean D'Lites sandwiches for the grownups -- $1.00
Bought these on sale and with coupons last week at Publix. I'm glad we stocked up. They were $2 per box, and there are 4 sandwiches in a box. They are so convenient and SO tasty. They really have kept me out of Whataburger this week!

Frusion yogurt smoothies for the kiddos -- $.36
Also bought on BOGO sale, with both Publix coupons and manufacturer coupons. They usually go for $3.49 per 4-pack. We paid $.72 for a 4-pack!


School/work -- thanks PCA/PCC -- $0.00


Hamburger Helper -- $1.00
Ground beef -- $1.89
Fresh strawberries -- $1.25

Total for the day: $5.50!
A savings of at least $17.50!

I've lost track of the month, but we're nearing the $200 if we haven't made it there already.
This challenge has been so good for our family!

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