Friday, April 2, 2010

Walgreens -- Thursday, 4/1

Well, I live in the land of a Walgreen's on every other corner (maybe that's the whole country; I don't know). I visited several Walgreens over the past couple of days looking for those great free-after-register-rewards items and just couldn't find them. I went a little farther out of my way than usual last night (Thursday) and found most of what I was looking for. The trade off is that the manager wouldn't allow 2 of the important coupons to go through.

I did 3 transactions. Here's how they went:

Transaction #1:

1 14-day Dulcolax -- $10 sale price
$4 printable coupon
Paid: $6
RR generated: $10

5 Bumblebee chunk light tuna in water -- $.69 each with in-ad coupon
no coupon
Paid: $3.45

Used $5 in RR.
Paid: $4.45

Total savings on transaction #1: $14.49

Transaction #2:

12 pack Cottonelle -- $5 sale price
Used $1 coupon I received in the mail.
Used $1 coupon from the April Savings Booklet
Paid: $3

7 Betty Crocker Warm Delights -- $1 each sale price
Used 7 $.75 coupons
Paid: $.25 each or $1.75 for all 7!

5 Royal (jello-type) Gelatin -- 5 for $1 with in-ad coupon
Tried using $1/5 blinkie coupon I picked up at Publix a while back.
The manager wouldn't allow the coupon to be used since I was getting sugar free gelatin. The coupon says, "any" item on it, but the picture does not include sugar free, so it was a no-go. I told the cashier that I had used the coupon at several Walgreens. (Seriously, I have like 20 of these.) She said that some managers allow it and some don't. I went ahead and got the gelatin -- it wasn't worth voiding them when there were already people waiting behind me -- but I did get the coupon back to use at a more coupon-friendly store.
Paid: $1 for all 5

Air Wick Imotion compact -- $3.99 sale price
Tried using $4 coupon and the manager wouldn't allow it to be adjusted to match the price of the item. grr. I should have known that would have happened. They were the only store I've been to that still had those in stock. Nobody wants to buy those things if they have to pay for it. I did void that out of the transaction. Oh, well. Every Walgreens in town will report 100% sales on their inventory of these, and this store will sell almost none. Their loss.
Paid: $0

Dove shampoo -- $4
no coupon
Paid: $4
RR generated: $4

6 Super bubbles -- 3 for $1 with in-ad coupon
Paid: $2 for all 6!

Used $10 RR
Paid: $2.83

Total savings for transaction #2: $33.72

Transaction #3:

14-day Dulcolax -- $10 sale price
Used $5 coupon I got in the mail
Paid: $5
RR generated: $10

2 Cadbury Eggs -- 2 for $1

Used $4 RR
Paid: $2.08

Total savings for transaction #3: $11.99
Total spent: $9.36
Total saved: $60.20
And I came away with at least $10 RR! (I have $16 altogether, and I don't know how much I had left over from before.)

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