Monday, April 5, 2010

Tonight's Frugal Dinner, Sunday 4/4

We LOVE Sunday pot roast dinners! We have pot roast almost every Sunday, even though it's been a challenge since our crock pot gave up the ghost. (We have one in our Owner's Locker in Orlando that we are bringing home with us after Disney World, so we refuse to buy another.)
My husband has become the master at preparing our oven-baked pot roast. He uses Montreal Steak seasoning, onions, garlic, and -- when we have them -- mushrooms. That's it.
He made rice to go along with it last night. We love roast and rice so much that we usually don't even have a vegetable with it. We just want roast and rice. The kids devour it and so do we. Last night, we dug in so quickly that I didn't even think to take a picture!

Here's a price run-down:

pot roast -- around $7.00
(purchased from Publix at $2.39/lb.)
rice -- around $.33
(Rico brand rice purchased at Publix on sale; no longer at that price.)
Onion -- around $.30
garlic -- around $.15
seasoning -- less than $.05
Total: less than $8 for our Sunday dinner, even with the butter, salt, and pepper that we added to the rice and that I didn't account for.
That's a little more than I normally pay for a meal at home, but it's a special meal. Food on Sundays should be more special than every other day, right? That's what I think, anyway.
I know we have some left over, so I'll have to come up with a creative take-two recipe. Stay tuned for tonight's Frugal Dinner: Sweet and Tangy ham with rice or noodles (Another Daddy special; he's so great in the kitchen. You know, it takes me about 45 minutes to cook a Rachael Ray 30 minute meal, but he can actually do it in 30. Amazing.)

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