Saturday, April 17, 2010

Publix Is My Favorite Store

Since Publix began opening in our area a year or so ago, we have enjoyed going there. At first, our opinion was that the products were mostly over-priced, but we enjoyed the selection and atmosphere. We didn't do a big percentage of our grocery shopping at Publix, but we'd often just walk around the store for enjoyment. Since I started couponing, though, Publix has become the place where we get the best deals and save the most money. (who knew?) After my unfortunate experience at Wal-Mart yesterday, I can say for certain that Publix is my favorite.

I was browsing a few other blogs early this morning and saw one blogger who keeps track of yearly grocery spending/saving in a banner-type-thing on the side of her blog. I was inspired. It's too late for me to keep track for the year. I try to do a good job of keeping the receipts from my shopping, but I obviously don't do a good job. I only found 12 receipts!

I thought I'd start now, keeping track of spending/saving for the year, particularly at Publix. FUN!

Amount spent: $168.99
Amount saved: $451.32
Percent savings: 73%

I have a goal of getting to 75% or more in savings at Publix.

As I find more receipts or do more Publix shopping (like I'll be doing in a little while), I'll make a new post and update my savings!

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