Thursday, April 1, 2010

Publix -- Thursday, 4/1

I'm getting upset that I can't find the Nyquil/Dayquil and Zantac travel sizes. Grr. Would somebody leave some for me, please? :) I never knew I could get so worked up about something being out of stock. I'm afraid my coupons will expire, and I'll miss out on getting those great deals. I'll keep trying until the coupons do expire or I find what I'm looking for, I guess.

Here's how I did today:

9 blocks of Kraft cheese -- 3 for $5
Used 3 $2 blinkie coupons found in front of the cheese.
Paid: $9 for all 9!
I could have used another coupon and gotten them all for $7, but I didn't realize that until I was out in the car. I was very thankful to find this blinkie dispenser stocked again. I've looked a couple of times this week at 2 different stores, and the blinkies were always out. I'm glad something went my way today.

3 Hallmark cards -- $.99 each
Used $2 Publix coupon from the tearpad in the card aisle.
Paid: $.97 for all 3!

7+ lb. ham -- $1.39 per pound
Paid: $10.79
I thought this was a pretty good price and didn't want to miss out.

Paid: $21 and change.
Saved: $40 and change.

In a related note, I tried to load a Publix gift card that I already had with $20 more. I was told that once a card is loaded for the first time, they can't reload. That doesn't make sense to me; you can add at Walmart and Target. Why not Publix? I can't make my existing $10 card into a $30 card. Weird.

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