Monday, April 12, 2010

Tonight's Frugal Dinner, Monday 4/12

I remembered to take a picture this time, but can't find my little USB thingy that lets me put my pictures on computer. Yes, we have a memory card slot on our laptop, but our son put a penny in it last year, and we can't get it out.
On the menu tonight: Balsamic-marinaded chicken with garlic-butter noodles

Chicken - 1 1/2 lb. (maybe less) purchased at Sam's at $1.79/lb -- $2.69
Balsamic salad dressing used as marinade purchased at Publix, BOGO plus coupons -- $.25
Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta, bought at Publix, BOGO plus coupons -- $.35
2 Tbsp. butter -- $.14
Garlic salt, purchased in a large container from Sam's an eon ago -- $.05 (or less)
Steamfresh broccoli, purchased at Publix at 50% off plus Publix coupons stacked with manufacturer coupons -- $.05

Total for this meal: $3.53!
And there's enough left over for my sister to take to work for lunch tomorrow!

On the menu tomorrow: Chicken helper chicken fried rice, I think. It'll be very easy and affordable with a package of rice purchased at Publix (steamfresh again) for around $.30!

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