Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How-To for Walgreens and Publix, 6/16

Get ready, get set, GO SHOPPING! The deals in this trip are SO easy to re-create since I used printed coupons and store coupons almost exclusively. The Walgreens deal is good through the end of June, and the Publix sales just started today (6/16) and run through next Tuesday (6/22).

Don't know which Publix to get the coupons from? I HATE trying to find new coupon booklets at Publix; it seems like they are always out when I finally get there. That's why I like the Mobile Highway store. Most coupon booklets are kept at Customer Service, and each customer is limited to 4 copies of each booklet. That usually ensures that there will still be some left by the time I get off work and get to the store. :)

Here are the links to those awesome internet printable coupons!

Tony's frozen pizza ($1 each)
Starbucks icecream (BOGO @ $3.91 -- print and use 2 coupons!)
Eggo waffles (BOGO @ $2.69 -- Don't forget to look for the $1 / 2 blinkie!)
Bailey's creamer (BOGO @ $2.09 -- print and use 2 coupons!)
Combat ant/roach killer ($3.69 each! Don't forget the Yellow Advantage Flier coupon!)
GE Lighting coupon (Don't forget the Target printable found here! You'll need 2 Target printables!)

So I made a really fun (for me, at least) video of all the goodies I got at Walgreens and Publix, but I couldn't get it to load. I don't know what I'm doing. So, I have to go the old-fashioned route and write everything out for you.

Go to Walgreens first.

Get 3 Neutrogena products. Look for the basic cleansing bar (I don't know the real name for it, but it's well under $3 each right now.). It's part of the Neutrogena 25% off sale. Plus, you may be able to use the $1 off coupon from the 6/13 Smart Source. You need 3 items, so get 3 bars of soap. Use 3 coupons if you have that many.
The soap wasn't in stock when I was there, so I got 3 of the Neutrogena lip moisturizers. They are not part of the 25% off sale, but they are part of the Register Reward deal. There is a coupon for $1 off sun care products in the 6/13 SS. I didn't bring that coupon, so I don't know if it would work or not. It's worth a shot; I justify it because the lip moisturizer has an spf of 15. Sounds like sun care to me!
Anyway, get three items, each less than $3. You'll pay right around $9 and get back $10 in RR.

Here's how I did:

3 Neutrogena lip moisturizers -- $2.89 each
Used $6 RR
Paid: $2.67
RR generated: $10
Don't get too attached to that RR. You're going to part with it very soon.

On to Publix!

You'll need the Yellow Advantage flier and the Summer Savings booklet. Both of these were available at Customer Service at the Mobile Hwy store.

4 Tony's Party Time Crispy Crust pizzas -- $1 each, on sale
Use 2 $1/2 printable coupons
Pay: $2.00 for all 4, or $.50 each!

2 Starbucks ice cream -- 2 for $3.91
Use 2 printable coupons (I got $1 and $.75; you might get both $1 or both $.75.)
Pay: $2.16 for both, or $1.08 each!
This could vary by $.25 more or less, depending on what coupons you get.

2 Eggo waffles -- 2 for $2.69
Use 2 $1 internet printables (I could only use one. The price I am using below refers to your savings. I paid $.69 for both boxes.)
Use $1/2 blinkie found right in front of the waffles in the freezer section
Pay: FREE! plus $.31 overage!

2 Athenos feta cheese -- $2.49 and $3.99
no coupon
Pay: $5.48 for both, or an average of $2.74 each

2 Bailey's coffee creamer -- 2 for $2.09
Use 2 $1 internet printables
Use 2 $.55 coupons from the Yellow Advantage flier
Pay: FREE! plus $1.01 overage!

2 Gatorade recover -- $1 each, on sale
Use $1/2 coupon from Publix Summer Savings booklet
Pay: $1 for both, or $.50 each!

1 lb. (approx) tomatoes -- $.79/lb.
I paid $.88

2 Salad Expressions bagged mixed greens -- 2 for $3.79
use 2 $1 blinkies found right in front of the product (when you buy Salad Expressions and Athenos feta cheese)
Pay: $1.79 for both, or $.90 each!

1 Combat Quick Kill ant killer -- $3.69
Use $2 internet printable
Use $3 Yellow Advantage flier coupon
Pay: FREE! plus $1.31 overage!

2 4-pk. GE Reveal lightbulbs -- 2 for $3.49
Use 2 $1.50 Target internet printable coupons
Use $1/2 manufacturer internet coupon
Pay: FREE! plus $.51 overage!

Look for Brandi the cashier. If you can find her, go to her. She's amazing. It would probably make her day to know that random customers are praising her behind her back.

Use your $10 Walgreens Register Reward.

Pay: less than $3! (I spent $2.92)
Save: more than $50! (I saved $54.42)

Obviously, your results may differ from mine. Some things to think about:

1. Try to print more than 1 Eggo coupon. I only could print one, so I must have printed it previously. The more you print the more you save!

2. Try to get 2 (or more) of the Combat coupons, too. Each one you "buy" with your set of coupons, you get another $1 in overage!

3. Publix won't give you change back for your overage. Make sure you have enough to cover it. I like to use the overage to buy produce and meat, so if you have a bit of overage think, "Grapes or chicken?" :)

Whether you have good results or bad, I hope you'll comment here and let me know how your trip went!

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