Friday, June 4, 2010

CVS and Walgreens in Orlando, 6/4

Had to make a trip out of the World tonight for milk. I knew that CVS was doing a ECB deal with milk, so that prompted my stop there. Then I read that Walgreens had an RR deal going that would be a moneymaker, and that was too tempting to resist. Here's how it went:


2 pkgs. Oreos -- 2 for $6 (sale price)
no coupon
Paid: $6
1 gal 2% milk -- $3.19
no coupon
Paid: $3.19
CVS brand muscle rub -- $6.79
no coupon
Paid: $6.79
Pumice stone -- $6.79
no coupon
Paid: $6.79
Nail file -- $2.19
no coupon
Paid: $2.19
Used $eight ECB (Sorry, my eight button is broken.)
Paid: $11.something. I paid with a FREE CVS gift card, so I didn't pay a thing out of pocket! Then, I got $3 back for buying 2 pkgs. Oreos and milk!
3 Neutrogena facial cleansing bars -- $2.eighty-9 each
no coupon
Paid: $eight.67 for all 3
Used $3 RR
Paid: $6.24 or $6.42 (can't remember)
Received $10 RR back!
So, tonight, I spent $6.and change out of pocket and received back $13 in various rewards! And I didn't use a single coupon! I'm certain there are coupons out there for Oreos or Neutrogena to make these deals even better, but I didn't bring my massive coupon file on vacation!
Since I've gotten into Publix so much, I think of the RR and ECB in terms of what I can get at Publix. If I can save 70% before RR and ECB, I can get almost $50 worth of groceries using the RR and ECB I got today!

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