Friday, June 11, 2010


I just earned another $5 Paypal payment because of Swagbucks! Click here to sign up and start earning your own!

Don't know what swagbucks is/are? is a search engine site. When you search on swagbucks, you get all the same results as if you were using google or bing or whatever. Only you can win swagbucks by searching. You probably won't get rich; I've won enough swagbucks since December 2009 to redeem for $30 worth of gift cards. I've done and paypal. But, hey, $30 is not bad for doing something I would be doing anyway. I used my Amazon gift cards to buy my Disney guide books this year. I bought 2 (instead of my usual 1) and paid less than I've ever paid before. Thanks,!
I've used the paypal ones to buy coupons on I recently bought $5.02 worth of coupons from that site, and I only had to pay $.02 out of pocket. (Click on the banner for thecouponclippers found near the top right of the blog to find out more about the great service they offer!)Thanks,!

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