Sunday, June 13, 2010

On A Somewhat Related Note . . .

Actually, I have two topics to discuss in this post . . .

Since we started couponing in January (or very late December) we have not set a weekly spending limit. It's time for that. We have such a great stockpile of necessities that we can easily set a limit and stick with it. In fact, we have a plan for the overages we'll accumulate. Now, we have decided that the new limit will officially take affect in September, when I start getting regular school year paychecks again. We will probably be way under the spending limit during summer weeks, but won't be able to set aside any overages. Once September comes, my limit for CVS and Walgreens is going to be $10 per week each. At first, I thought that I would likely miss out on a lot of deals by not being willing to spend a little more, but after today's mis-adventure of this wannabe cheapskate, I think $10 each per week will completely cover any deals I need and many I want. I spent less than $5 total between the two stores today. If this same thing happens in the fall or later, I will either use the remaining $15 to shop on the weekend (I've done lots of Saturday shopping posts.) or put the $15 into that savings!

I have been trying to faithfully keep track of spending and savings at Publix over the past few weeks, but I love that CVS does some of that same tracking for me. I don't know how much I've spent at CVS this year. I suppose I could go back through all my CVS posts and figure it out. I'll wait until I am much more bored than I am today before I resort to that. Since CVS keeps track of the savings, that part will be super easy. Since I started CVS shopping in late December (see that first CVS post here), and through 6/8, I have saved $836.30 at CVS! My husband has saved around $230 in that same time. Over $1,000 savings at CVS!! WOW!

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