Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tonight's Frugal Dinner, 8/7

Here's the "before" picture of dinner.
Tonight, I made what my mom always called Chinese Steak and Rice. I thawed out a bag of frozen beef strips in the microwave. Part of the way through, I added a good bit of Ken's Steakhouse Teriyaki marinade. When it was thawed enough, I heated some canola oil in my cast iron skillet and tossed the meat in.
Here's the "during" shot. The rice pot is in the background. I didn't really make the boil-in-a-bag in the first picture. I made long grain rice, the kind that takes 20-25 minutes. We don't really care for the instant kind, like the one in the first picture. I just used it in the picture because 1) a bulk bin of rice wouldn't fit on the counter with the rest of the ingredients and 2) I did not want to show you a picture of my pantry. (It tends to stay mostly disorganized.)
Anyway, you can see the meat bubbling along. I just emptied the whole bag, marinade and all, into the skillet and let it do its thing.
After: The kids' plates are ready to go! Does it seem like they don't have much to eat? I was afraid it looked that way. We usually give small portions but allow seconds. The kids like to put their cups into the empty Mickey ear once dinner gets started. :)
WAY After: Dinner was a hit! Jarod gobbled his up! He asked for seconds of applesauce only.
I really think my Dianna is going through a growth spurt! She has eaten more than both boys put together lately! She asked for seconds of applesauce and beef.
I didn't take a picture of Ayden with his plate because he didn't finish his, and I didn't want to give the impression that it wasn't delicious! He ended up getting back up to the table and going at it again later. I think he managed to finish it all, just not as quickly as the other two.
Talani and I liked it, too. We managed to finish off the rest of the meat -- no leftovers!

Here's the breakdown of the costs:

About 1 1/2 lbs. of whole bottom round, bought from Publix -- $3.50
Rice, bought in bulk from Sam's Club -- $.30
Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, bought from Publix long ago -- $.30
Oil, bought from Publix long long ago -- $.10
Applesauce, bought from Publix not as long ago as I bought other stuff :) -- $.10
Extras, like butter, salt, and pepper -- $.25
We drank grape juice from frozen concentrate that we got for free!

Total cost for dinner for 2 adults and 3 kids -- $4.55

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  1. That's a great easy recipe! Must try it sometime it's making me hungry :)