Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spa Treatment Cheapskate Style

My SIL has a fantastic blog: www.beautyandinspirationblog.blogspot.com. You've got to check it out! I love reading her ideas for pretty-fying your home on a budget. Her recipes and kitchen ideas are fabulous, too. But what I really love is her Spa Night posts. She has come up with the most amazing concoctions. Seriously. I just did the Oil Facial Cleanse and the Healing Toner. I've got to say, I'm hooked. So easy, so frugal, so at-home fabulous! I can't wait to see continuing results, if I feel this much improved after just one try!
Get on her blog, become a follower. Immediately. You've already gone too long without her amazing tips. Leave a comment on your favorite post that you read on her blog and let her know that I sent you to her. I want to see lots of comments with my name in them. :)

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  1. You are so awesome! I'm blushing :) SO amazed at the glowing recommendation. Thank you! And I'm so glad you enjoy Spa Night. Everybody needs a weekly Spa Night. It encourages sanity and reminds us to take some time for ourselves. Hoping to see your name popping up in people's comments as well!