Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spa for Cheapskates -- Frozen Honey Mayonnaise Mask

This post was actually meant to be posted before the other Spa for Cheapskates post, but it got lost in the email somehow. So, you've been introduced to my wonderful SIL, Kilika, who does an amazing job of taking care of her home and family while still looking for opportunities to relax and pamper a bit. Being on a budget means looking for frugal ways to make it all happen. I hope you enjoy some of her ideas that I have convinced her to share exclusively here on Wannabe Cheapskate. Of course, I know you'll want to check out her own blog, beautyandinspiration, to get all her fabulous ideas!

Welcome to the Spa for Cheapskates! My name is Kilika (Driftwood Girl) and I am so excited about Barbie's suggestion for this series of posts on her money saving blog! I hope you'll enjoy our journey to discover beauty treatments from your kitchen cabinets.

Once a week, a new recipe will be posted for your very own homemade spa experience. Living on a budget doesn't mean you have to give up pampering yourself. So put on a chick flick or some soothing music, grab your favorite relaxing drink and get ready to check into the Spa for Cheapskates!

I found this recipe in a natural beauty book a while back but never tried it. No time like the present.

Today we're trying a Frozen Honey Mayonnaise Mask. You will need:

1 Tbs honey

1 egg

1/2 cup coconut oil or olive oil

Empty toilet paper tube

-In a small bowl, beat egg well, until frothy.

-Add honey and oil a little at a time and beat mixture until well combined. You should end up with a liquid the consistency of mayonnaise.

Um... my mix turned out way thinner than mayo, but seemed to slowly thicken up the longer I let it set.

-Set empty toilet paper tube standing upright in the center of a separate small bowl.

-Carefully spoon the mixture into the toilet paper tube and plac

e bowl and tube in the freezer for at least 6 hours.

There has got to be a better way! I filled one tube only to have the mixture leak out the bottom, leaving my TP tube not quite full, sitting in a puddle of honey mayo.

I grabbed a new tube and kept pressure on it with one hand as I poured with the other.

After placing a heavy saucer on top to hold the tube in place it was time to place it in the freezer for several hours.

-When set, peel 1/4 inch of toilet paper tube from the top and smooth the frozen mask over clean face and neck.

Yeah. Peel off only a quarter inch of the oil soaked, frozen paper? So not happening.

-Remove the bowl, cover your newly frozen mask tightly with plastic wrap and store in the freezer. It should keep until you run out!


A zip top freezer bag works.

-Relax for 10 minutes and then remove facial mask with a warm dampened washcloth.

Don't forget to apply toner and moisturizer to finish off your pampering session!

This mask worked wonders on the dry patches in my combination skin. Lovelies with dry skin, this is definitely for you! I think it would be ideal for my skin in the winter, but I'm not sure how much I'd love the freezing cold mask then.

Don't forget, no matter how busy you are doing for others, it's definitely worth it, to take time for a bit of relaxation. Your improved mood will make everyone around you happier, and remind you what a beautiful person you are, inside and out. Happy pampering!

Visit Driftwood Girl's blog Beauty and Inspiration for more homemade spa treatments.

Barbie again. I just thought I'd let you know that the cost of this recipe is roughly $.60! It looks like this recipe will provide several uses, so maybe $.15 per treatment! Or you could have a girl's night out (or in) and have a mask for the whole group for around $.60. What fun this would be to make and use for a teenager girl's slumber party. Look for olive oil on sale at Publix. Often the 16 oz or 32 oz size of one brand or another will be on BOGO. I bought some pretty large bottles for around $3.50 or less when they were on sale. I didn't use a sale price in my calculations of the approximate cost of this recipe, so you could potentially make it for less than $.40!

Remember, the ideas that Kilika shares here on Wannabe Cheapskate are just for us! You'll want to check back sometime next week for another post and check out her blog for more amazing ideas for home and health!

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