Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tonight's Frugal Dinner, Saturday 5/22

Not feeling well tonight.
In the middle of end-of-the-school-year-craziness. (Exams to grade, grades to post, etc.)
Trying to prepare for vacation; we leave in 6 days. Not close to being ready yet.
Dinner has be easy and quick and should virtually make itself.
It's a good thing I've become a smart shopper because I have plenty of easy-to-prepare, cheap meals on hand.
Nothing fancy, but filling and maybe even fun for the kiddos.

I'm feeding 3 adults and 3 kids.

1 bag of Fast Fixin' chicken fries from a long-ago Publix visit -- $1
Rice -- $.33
Steamfresh veggies purchased from Publix several weeks ago -- $.34(maybe less)
I'll add $1 to the total for butter, salt, pepper, ketchup, drinks, etc.

Tonight's dinner costs $2.67 TOTAL, or $.45 per person. Score!

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