Saturday, May 15, 2010

Another Publix Stop, 5/9

Just a little shopping today.

2 Ken's Steakhouse marinades -- 2 for $2.79
Used 2 $1 coupons (I don't remember what paper, but they are in a lot of papers.)
Paid: $.79 for both

$10 Publix card
$50 American Express card
$4.95 activation fee
Used coupon from ad for the free Publix card
Paid: $54.95 for both

Total: $55.74
Savings: $14.79
Percent of Savings: 21%
An awful percent! That's okay, though, because I have the $50 Amex card, and I can get a TON of stuff for $50 at Publix. I'll recover my loss in that way. AND because I already consider the $50 spent in this post, I can figure the purchases made with the card as free in my percent of savings. (Does that make sense? I already spent the $50, so when I buy groceries with the card, I don't have to count that as money spent.)

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