Sunday, May 2, 2010

Competitor Store Coupons at Publix

Just another reason to adore shopping at Publix! I recently saw someone use Walgreens Register Rewards to pay for Publix shopping. When talking to another couponing friend, I learned that Publix accepts Register Rewards AND CVS Extra Care Bucks, as well as $ off $ coupons from CVS and Winn-Dixie.
I had a $5 Register Rewards that expired today and wanted to test it. I purchased a package of meat priced at $5.30. When I handed over my $5 RR, my total changed to -$.08. (I'm not an advanced mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that $5.30-$5 does not = -$.08. whatever.) I added a pack of Skittles at $.85 because they were close at hand. I wish I had thought quickly and picked up one of the Buy-Theirs-Get-Ours-Free items instead. I could have paid a minimal price for 2 boxes of pasta or something. (Like I need more pasta.) I ended up paying $.83 for the meat and candy that originally totalled $6.15. That's 87% savings, even with my dumb choice to get Skittles!
I love the idea of using RR and ECB and $off$ coupons (I have a $5 off $40 from CVS that is just begging to be used at Publix!). I love shopping at Publix, and wish I had learned this stuff sooner.

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