Monday, May 24, 2010

Awesome Freebies in My Mailbox Today

Super freebies today! I forgot all about the $35 Visa gift card I "earned" from Rite Aid and the Single Check Rebate program. I requested it on March 3!
The free Justaburger card came for Dianna's birthday which was 3 weeks ago!
These two should cover the cost of our dinner-on-the-road and the late snack-on-the-road as we head for Disney World on Friday. We like to get cheesesteaks from this great place, Philly's, when we are traveling. They taste even better after the oil and vinegar and juices have soaked into the bread, so we always order an extra sandwich for a late snack. The sandwiches are too messy for the kids in the car, though, so we planned to stop at Whataburger to get them some easy-travel dinner.
The timing of the arrival of these things is so perfect. Praise God for His provision in His timing!

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  1. Awesome that you get these cool bonuses from saving your family money. And then get to save even more! Such a huge blessing :)