Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheapskates at Disney: Getting ready to hit the road

Our semi-annual vacation began today.  We get two vacations a year: one at Christmas, usually a week, and one at the very end of the school year, for two weeks.  Today was our last work day, and vacation has officially started.
We leave tomorrow around 5:00 am, Lord willing, to begin the trek to Orlando for two weeks.
We kicked off our vacation with dinner at Panda Express, which was free for us.  We were able to use gift cards to pay, so it was a no-out-of-pocket treat. 
We put gas in the car, and we used a $50 gas card we previously bought at Publix for $40.  It was as though we paid $2.74 a gallon. 
Since we used gift cards for everything, it feels as though everything was free.  I like that.  I like using gift cards.  They're already paid for, so it seems so painless.  We have several Disney gift cards to use as well as a few more BP cards. 
Bring on the cheapskate road trip!  We have almost every room cleaned (enough) and packed for the trip.  I need to grab my bathing suit and through it in the suitcase.  In the morning, I'll pack the cooler with several items I've prepped for meals for the week.  I'll be off to bed soon; I hope I can get to sleep in spite of my excitement!

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