Saturday, January 1, 2011

Today's Frugal Dinner - 1/1/11

We are feasting tonight on pot roast! This is one of the most expensive meals we eat at home, but we are celebrating, right? This picture disappoints me. I wish you could smell how the wonderful aroma has filled my entire house.
Pot roast -- We usually pay around $2.69 at Sam's Club. I don't know how much this particular roast cost.
Onions -- bought on sale at Publix last week -- probably cost $.25
Flavored broth -- bought on sale at Publix a while back. Don't know the cost.
Zesty Herb marinade powder used as seasoning -- bought at Publix on sale and eon ago. Paid probably around $.30.
I'll serve this with rice ($.30?), frozen veggies ($.50), and cranberry sauce ($.90).
I can't say how much this meal costs. I know it's more than $5, but it's probably less than $10. But not much less.
Looking forward to dinner already.

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