Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meal Plan -- week of 1/9

Thanks to a great shopping trip this weekend, we'll be eating WELL this week! (Posts about my shopping coming soon.)

Here's the dinner menu:

Sunday -- Pork roast, stuffing ($6)
Monday -- fried rice with leftover pork roast ($2)
Tuesday -- Grilled garlic-herb chicken and garlic-butter pasta ($4)
Wednesday -- Slowcooker chili and pasta or rice ($4 ish)
Thursday -- Kuresa's Wicked-Awesome Pork and rice ($9)
Friday -- Steak with horseradish sauce and baked potatoes ($9)
Saturday -- Grilled garlic-herb pork chops and potato salad ($4)

We had pork roast and stuffing for dinner today. It was really good, and the gravy was super easy to make. Wish I'd taken a picture before we ate. It didn't match the delicious pork roast my mom made the other day.

I got a jump start on several of the recipes yesterday after we got home from shopping. I grilled the chicken and pork for Tuesday's and Saturday's dinners. Of course, today's pork roast prepared tomorrow's pork for fried rice. The pork for Thursday's dinner is cubed, thanks to my wonderful husband. Basically, the only dinners NOT begun are Wednesday's and Friday's. Looking forward to a great week!

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