Saturday, November 6, 2010

Publix, 11/6 -- 90% savings!

I just can't seem to stop! We were headed to Target this morning in the same shopping center as a Publix, so I asked if I could stop in and check for Sundown Naturals vitamins. I knew that, with the new Green Advantage flyer that starts today, some items would be free plus overage.
Sure enough, I got 8 bottles of Vitamin D (I've got 15 bottles for you now, Dad and Mom!) for free plus about $8 overage.

Here's how it went:

1 Publix reusable bags (their Christmas ones are cute!) -- $.99
1 Mini Chips Ahoy single serving bag -- $.50
Beef for stew -- $4.79
Lamb shoulder chops -- $4.36
8 Sundown Naturals vitamin D -- $2.99 each
Used 8 $1 peelies
Used 4 $6/2 from the new Green Advantage flyer
Paid: FREE! plus $8.08 overage!
Total paid: $2.64
Total saved: $33.08
Percent savings: 92.6%


  1. PS -- Didn't find what I needed at Target, but at least the trip wasn't a waste!

  2. Wow! I should have looked at your site before I went to Publix. Already planning to return to Publix Monday or Tuesday because I could not find the coupons I had for a couple of items. Are the peelies on a lot of the vitamins?

  3. Nancy, most of the stores I went to had plenty of peelies. The store on the corner of Pine Forest didn't have very many, though.