Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Fly Lady Experiment, 11/2eight

Re: title: Yes, my eight button is still broken. And yes, I'm too lazy to plug in the other keyboard. Don't judge. :)

This weekend and Fly Lady have made a HUGE difference in my house! I still have hot spots: computer desk, dining room table, hutch, craft corner, armoir in the bedroom, kids' closet, etc. But so much has improved that I would not be embarrassed if you knocked on my door right now. I'd be concerned because it IS after 10:00 pm, after all, but not embarrassed.

As I prepare to head to bed, here's the status of my house:

1. Floors -- starting to look like they need to be vacuumed, especially in the entry way, but still an overall improvement from what the previous normal was.

2. Kitchen -- CLEAN!!

3. Laundry -- DONE!!

4. Since the laundry is done, I have no concerns about this week's wardrobe. I know what I'm wearing through Thursday. Haven't decided on Friday, yet, but I have plenty of choices neatly hanging in the closet. I haven't planned outfits for the kiddos, but they have plenty of options since their clothes are all clean, too.

5. Bathrooms -- CLEAN!! The floors need some attention (in the kitchen, too), but I am thrilled with their current condition.

6. Dusting -- needs to be done. Badly.

7. Menu plan -- All set! I need to print out or cut out coupons that match my list and check tomorrow regarding the coming week's sale. But if I had to go ASAP, I could be ready to shop within 20 minutes.

My husband has done a wonderful job of cutting cardstock for our Christmas cards. He has spent some time today working on the Christmas packages for North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, and American Samoa. Plus, he found my long-lost car keys and watch! He is such a great husband!

I feel such a burden lifted with the house in good order. I feel like, in this one area of my life, I am improving and beginning to be successful. That uplifting is so important to me. I thrive on approval, even if it's only my own. ha!

Good night, clean house! I can't wait to see you tomorrow!

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